DC power supply 24V 1kW

Single-phase AC-DC converter with power factor correction function.
Used in DC power systems and uninterruptible power supply systems.
  • Rated output power 1 kW
  • Rated stabilized output voltage 27 V
  • Adjustable output voltage range 21.6V - 29.7V
  • The maximum current load of 33 A
  • Rated input voltage of 220 V (50 Hz)
  • Input voltage range 190-265V without reducing output power
  • Power factor, not less than 0.99
  • Efficiency coefficient value 0.94 without cooling system
  • Operating ambient temperature range from -20 to +50 °C
  • Cooling mode - active (air)
  • Dimensions for 19" cabinets with 1U height, 5 units per shelf
Additional features and functions:
  • Possibility of control via CAN interface
  • Ability to connect units in parallel on a single load
  • Battery operation
  • Protection against internal and external short circuits with diagnostic mode
  • Flexible adjustment of power supply output characteristic
  • Operation mode indication by LEDs
Work performed:
  • Development of product circuitry
  • Simulation modeling of electronic devices operation modes and loss calculation in the device
  • Trace and design of electronic part of the product
  • Design of the product enclosure
  • Software development for the control system of the power factor corrector and resonant converter as a part of the product
  • Carrying out of tests for compliance of main parameters
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