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Professional development of industrial electronic devices of any complexity
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Contract electronics development is an industry that can bring your wildest ideas to life. Our company develops industrial power electronics and digital control systems. We provide all the design documentation, according to which you can manufacture this product at any company of your choice.

  • Full cycle of electronic equipment development with customer involvement at any stage
  • Development of digital control systems and diagnostics
  • Development of digital communication systems with wired and wireless interfaces
  • Calculation and simulation of power converter equipment and control systems
  • Expert evaluation of technical solutions
  • Equipment modification
  • Participation in research and development projects
  • Small-scale production of equipment by our company and contractors

Key competencies:

  • AC-DC converters - AC power converters up to 15 kW: single-phase or three-phase. Power factor corrector for various designs. Converters with or without galvanic isolation specialized for certain types of loads: batteries, LED bus bars, discharge lamps, etc.
  • Energy Storage Systems - Battery Monitoring Systems. Passive balancing systems. Metrological devices for calculating electrical parameters.
  • Display systems - LED display systems. Development of control systems for TFT, LCD screens. Sound indication of emergency and critical system status.
  • DC-AC converters - Development of specialized voltage inverters to supply AC loads, including functions: parallel operation of converters (to modularly increase the power of the device), parallel operation with AC mains, seamless switching between AC voltage sources.
  • High-level control systems - Development of control systems for industrial equipment, in particular, generator substations, entertainment and educational devices with the ability: to connect a personal computer via RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, to collect and send data to the server via GSM network.
  • Access control systems using Millfire keyless entry technology
  • Server and client software for Windows and Linux. Hardware drivers. Server applications with data visualization.
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