Complex industrial equipment operation controller

Controller board for controlling parameters of a complex of highly specialized industrial equipment
Used in three-phase charging stations and DC power supplies to stabilize the output voltage and reduce reactive power consumption
ELMANK portfolio - Glonass-GPS module
ELMANK portfolio - Glonass-GPS module
  • Power supply: ±12...72V, 250mA
  • Switching of several channels of 230V, 50Hz, 1A fieldbus
  • Resistive current sense signal measurement: 0...80mV with accuracy of ±2.0%
  • DC voltage component measurement: 0.1...100V with accuracy of ±2.0%
  • AC voltage component measurement: 1...100V with an accuracy of ±2.0%
  • Average polarization potential measurement: ±10V with an accuracy of ±10mV
  • Potential change rate without induced variable component of industrial frequency: 1V/s
  • Input impedance of the circuit for measuring the total potential: 10MΩ ±10%
  • Measuring of polarization current: -50...+50mA with accuracy of ±5.0%
  • Ambient temperature measurement with external temperature sensor: -50...+100°C with accuracy ±2°C
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