Battery Logger

Logging and AI analysis of machinery operation modes
  • Inspection of the physical parameters of the battery (current, voltage and temperature)
  • Upload data via GSM channel to the server
  • Cloud AI analysis of machinery operation modes
  • Proper charging control of the Battery
  • The ability to control the efficiency of the equipment (e.g. floor washers or electric cars for storage equipment)
  • Notifications by mail or SMS about incorrect charging of the battery or operation of the equipment not on schedule, including downtime
  • Identifying the location of the vehicle on which the logger is installed.
and much more
ELMANK - logger for industrial batteries
Technical specifications
  • Operating voltage range: 5 ... 150 V
  • Current measurement range: 0 ... 600A
  • Current Measurement Accuracy: ±0,5%
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±0,1%
  • Possible body designs: IP65, IP20, etc
ELMANK - logger for industrial batteries
Flexible solution for battery control
Designed to measure and collect data from the battery. Easy to install and compatible with most types of batteries, the logger reads the voltage, current and temperature of the battery with high accuracy and transmits the data to the cloud server via a cellular communication channel.
Server processing
With information on battery voltage, current and temperature, the server calculates the equipment load, downtime, battery charge correctness, operating hours and battery life, etc.

Reports contain recommendations for optimizing performance techniques and summary data on the current state of the battery, which you can watch online or receive by e-mail.
Optional functions:
  • indoor tracking
  • trail tracking
  • machine condition monitoring
  • data sync with warehouse management systems
  • customer cloud integration
Logger Advantages
Saving on service
Gathering information on the use of equipment can significantly save on battery maintenance and repair, significantly increase battery life, as it will reveal incorrect operation and problems with the charger.
You get a forecast of battery failure, as well as real information about the number of hours of equipment, which allows you to predict the cost of maintenance of equipment.
By using our device, you get not only control over the battery status, but also control over the use of equipment. We take care of the analysis of the battery status and the loading status of the equipment, as well as provide recommendations on how to optimize the use of equipment on site.
Execution options
The device is available in several versions, depending on the customer's needs. The logger can be designed with terminals for a standard battery lead (ring on the battery) or for a screw. Dust and waterproof versions with IP65 protection are also available.
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