We develop for you

Industrial Electronics & Programming
We transfer all intellectual property rights to our customers and register a patent in the customer's name

High quality development at a reasonably low price
Focus on product reliability and lower production costs
  • Complete product design
  • PCB design
  • Software Development
  • Improvement, optimization and redesign of existing product
Our competencies:
  • Chargers for traction lithium-ion and lead batteries
  • Control systems for any type of industrial battery pack
  • Cloud-based monitoring of battery or device physical parameters, intelligent forecasting and fault analysis
  • Custom energy converters for today's generators and energy storage devices
  • Compact power supplies for data center servers and telecom
  • Frequency converters and industrial motor control
  • Digital control systems for all power electronics and specialty systems
  • Input and processing systems, industrial automation, customized automation solutions
  • LED outdoor panels, LCD monitors, liquid crystal monitors, LED indicators for specific applications
  • Assistance to leading contractors in research and development in electronics, electrical engineering and energy
Reasons for choosing our services
We make your life better and your business more efficient!
  • 1
    We are the leading developers, providing quality and value to our customers.
  • 2
    Saving time
    Our experience in the design and implementation of power electronics and control systems saves time by using proven design methods.
  • 3
    Cost reduction
    Our work keeps your costs down. We care about reducing the cost of production and the cost of ownership of the devices we develop.
  • 4
    All of our engineers have degrees in engineering sciences and many years of experience in the development and implementation of industrial electronics.
  • 5
    Reducing risks
    Our research and experience in adapting electronic devices to different climatic conditions allows us to reduce risks in the design and selection of components.
  • 6
    We love our work and care about our customers. We go into the essence of each device and its role in the set of equipment. We constantly keep in touch with you, exchange ideas and share intermediate results.
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