Modular DC-AC Converter

Converters DC 350V / AC 220V 50Hz 2kVA, working in parallel on a single load
ELMANK portfolio - Modular DC-AC Converter
  • Main parameters
    • Input voltage: DC voltage 350V ±10%
    • Output voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
    • Rated power 2000VA
    • Maximum power (starting currents up to 7s) 3000 VA (if the maximum power of 3000 VA exceeds 7s - smooth output voltage limitation)
    • Output voltage signal form - sinusoidal
    • Harmonic level, no more than 2%.
    • Weight, no more than 1500g
    • Number of modules working in parallel on a single load - up to 10
  • Additional features and functions of the inverter:
    • Automatic synchronization when power storage modules are connected in parallel
    • Control of the absence of a constant component when power is supplied to the external grid
    • Inverter shutdown in the event of lack of synchronization, low input voltage, overload or block fault
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