Examples of our electronic development projects
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Data collection and analysis
Battery Logger
Logging and AI analysis of machinery operation modes
Electric power converters
Power Factor Corrector (PFC)
Three-phase power factor corrector (PFC) with bipolar output voltage
Resonant LLC DC-DC converter
Powerful DC voltage converter
Power supply for automation systems
General-purpose transmitter for DIN rail mounting
Triac starter
Smooth activation, shutdown and reversal of three-phase asynchronous motors with power up to 2 kW 380V 50Hz
Modular DC-AC Converter
Converters DC 350V / AC 220V 50Hz 2kVA, working in parallel on a single load
Control and diagnostics driver for powerful thyristors
Optical control of powerful thyristors with 10kV isolation
24-channel power supply for thyristor power converter drivers
Power transmission to thyristor drivers for potential over 10kV
AC voltage regulator
Stabilization and regulation of three-phase network voltage
Combined Lighting Power Supply
Two-channel power supply for lighting devices: MGL lamp (200W) + LED lamp (100W)
Battery charger for warehouse equipment
Charging of storage equipment batteries with different chemical composition (Pb/Li-ion) 180Ah (Li-ion) - 650Ah (Pb/Gel) capacity
Control systems
Complex industrial equipment operation controller
Controller board for controlling parameters of a complex of highly specialized industrial equipment
Interactive entertainment device controller
Control 12 ultrasonic distance sensors to locate a person around the device
Glonass-GPS Module
Device to provide world time and location settings
Remote control bridge TCP/IP, UDP (GSM) - RS-485
Device to provide world time and location settings
Преобразователи интерфейсов
Interface converter Profibus DP
Providing two-way communication via Profibus DP (Slave) interface with the control device
Interface converter RS-485
Communication via RS-485 Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP interface with the control device
Remote control bridge TCP/IP, UDP (GSM) - RS-485
Device to provide world time and location settings
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